Looking for Support Groups for Multiple Sclerosis? Try These!

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We’re glad you are here! But, have you considered joining any support groups?

For many people, having multiple sclerosis (MS) can be an isolating and scary proposition. Your friends and loved ones may not understand what you are going through. Life with an invisible illness can be tough. Connecting with other people that understand can make it easier.

In the United States

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society  has many support groups across the country. Some the groups are general while other are focused on a specific population, for example, young adults with MS. In any case, all groups focus on support, education, and wellness.

You can find support groups near you by clicking on the button below:

Want to start your own group? Have a great idea for a group? You can talk to someone about establishing a group by contacting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society here


If you can’t get to a local support group or would rather connect with other MS patients online, fortunately you have many options. Support groups, forums, even Facebook communities have been created to help you connect.


Our own MSCorner Facebook page allows you to interact with thousands of people with MS and their loved ones around the country.

MS Buddy

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the MS Buddy app, which connects you directly with other people who have MS.

MS Connection

MS Connection has online forums divided in specific groups like “Healthy Despite MS” and “Over 40 and living with MS.” It is an easy way to share your story and get help from others.

MS World

If you are looking for a live chat room, MS World has you covered. Don’t worry about getting spammed, users need to have their account approved before they can join the conversation.

Be Careful with Online Resources:

Not all advice is created equal. As with all information you find online, make sure to do your own research and talk to your care team before stopping any current treatments or exploring new ones.

Happy Connecting!

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